PLAYALINGUA DEL CARIBE, International Language Center, was founded more than 18 years ago and benefits a strong background of 45 years pedagogical experience in Europe.


The school earned its reputation for the quality of its pedagogy , hospitality and friendly atmosphere.

Our professional teachers are eager to help their students enhancing their learning abilities and enjoy a really pleasant experience living their immersion in México!

Most of them have been part of Playalingua for more than 12 years and are still enthusiastic to share their passion for their culture and knowledge of Spanish Language, showing the greatest respect for the students and their task.

This is the right place to enjoy a wonderful learning experience combined with the discovery of one of the nicest and more fascinating Caribbean destination!


The school has 5 classrooms, a library. We have WIFI internet Access in the entire facility.

Located inside the Bosque Caribe Hotel, students can enjoy the garden, relax in the pool or take a siesta in a hammock and buy a meal or have a drink at the hotel's restaurant. Complementary coffee or tea available.

Playalingua was one of the first language schools to learn spanish established in Playa del Carmen. Founded on May 5th 1999 the school is now part of Voxea Swiss Private Academy, taking advantage of its 45 years pedagogical experience in Europe.


3 great reasons to learn spanish in Playalingua:

  1. Just 5 minutes walking from the beach and 5th avenue, no need to take a taxi (day or night).
  2. Experienced and motivated teachers (most of them are teaching in Playalingua for 14 years now).
  3. Human size school and friendly yet very professional atmosphere.