For those who prefer to have everything “on site“ The hotel Bosque Caribe, located backyard and surrounded by a lush tropical garden, offers double rooms. They all have fans and individual air-conditioning. Breakfast included.

We also offer a cheaper option in a comfortable hotel located a few blocks from Voxea Playalingua.


Come study and stay with us

Host families

The school offers home stays, with breakfast only, in selected host families. Students can choose this option for several reasons, which have their pros and cons:

  • Pros: the contact with a native family and the obligation to practice the language after classes.
  • Cons: Not all host families live near the school. Host families do not always have air conditioning.

Make a budget

Here are a few examples of prices to help you make a budget:

Laundromat USD 1.50/kilo
Lunch USD 5 to 10
Public transportation USD 0.50
Taxi USD 1.50 to 4
Cinema USD 4 to 5
Cigarettes USD 2.5 /package
Transfers and excursions:
Excursions, depending on the distance USD 50 to 120
Transfer from and to the airport USD 70/transfer

Other prices and services available directly at the school.